Friday, December 12, 2014

My First Pair of Platform Wedge Boots

A week ago , my aunt called from the states . She wants to buy something for me before she come home for Chinese New Year and told me to do some online shopping .Well , i was hungry for some wedge heel bootie for like 2 years already since these kind of shoes are in trend in South Korea . I found this pair of boots on ebay after searching for a few hours !  Click here to get them . It's still available when im writing this post .So today , i went to the post office to claim this parcel all the way from Dongdaemun, Korea .Its hard to decide which colour to purchase as it offers four types of colour ,red,black,brown,and blue . Since black is so mainstream ,i opted for the red one. I was so excited and like wow look at that hottie . Here's what i am so crazy about !
Back from the post office 
All the way from Dongdaemun ,Seoul, South Korea *WHEEEE* , South Korean address looks weird thou.

Wrapped with plastic bags (first layer) and a bubble wrap (2nd layer) 
(Side view ) Heel height 10 cm or 4 inch . Platform 2 cm or 0.8 inch
It's is made from Suede , so it's not easy to clean it , a toothbrush might work
Fitting my big fat legs into this hottie
Front view

Crossing my legs like a boss !
Hottie's sexiest view
Found a note inside the box after i have finished admiring my new hottie. This is South Korean English , quite entertaining .
My aunt and uncle bought this for US$27.80 and it is considered affordable and cheap if the buyer is an American or a permanent resident (PR)in the states  .Order is placed on 2nd December and i receive it on 12th December . If the currency is converted to Malaysian Ringgit(RM), it will cost me about RM97 which is crazily expensive 0.0 . Thanks Auntie Lemon and Uncle Matthew. All photos are taken with Nikon D5200 without edits nor filters(because im lazy ) Like my blogpost ? Feel free to leave a comment and share it with your friends.
Peace out (\/)

Kaylyn Ang

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