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Getting a Driving License in Malaysia 2015 new syllabus (The Whole Process and Tips)

In Malaysia , you're old enough to get your ass on a motorbike at 16 , legal to drive a car at 17 . As for me , I got my driving license at 18 . An aries baby but the delay was because of  a lousy excuse - I wanted to focus on a major academic exam first .( final year in high school/secondary school)
The process was really long and time consuming . 

Continue reading and I will tell you all the procedures from tip to toe ! Before that , I graduated from a driving school named PMC, Sungai Soi in Kuantan , Pahang . PMC stands for Pusat Memandu Cermat ( Careful Driving School )

And if you want to laugh , Click here , it's about my driving instructor and it is to entertain you ! 

Tips and process step by step to get your driving license in Malaysia

1.  Register myself                                                                                              

  •        I was told to pick a date ,only on Saturday ( for my driving school ) to attend a talk .                                                                                                                                                          
2.   Attend the talk                                                                                                                    
  •  The talk lasted for 6 hours ( 9.00 am - 5.00pm) with lunch break in between.                                      
  •  We were given a textbook which includes the theory ,  rules to obey while you drive.                        
  •  The talk was boring and I don't think it was necessary , seriously .                                                        
  •  It was to summarize or to hightlight the important elements in the textbook .                                      
  • The speaker was someone working in the Road Transport Department Malaysia.                              

3. Prepare for the theory test                                                                                  

  •  Take your time and flip your textbook.                                                                                                   
  •  Just flip, ain't nobody got time to study using the textbook , it's too bulky .                                          
  •  We were told to buy a mini Q n A book which consists of 500 Questions only at RM5.                                                                                
  • That mini book is good enough to make you pass the theory test with flying colours.                                         

4. Take the theory test                                                                                                     

  • Contact the relevant party a few days before to book the date you would want to                          take the test .                                                                                                                                                                              
  •  The test was done on a computer in a room with many computers and partitions .                         
  •  The test was easy if you have common sense .                                                                                       
  • Even though you have common sense , you still have to study(at least the mini book ).                       
  •  Passing mark is 42/50 , if you have common sense and you read up the mini book ,                     your score will NORMALLY ( I can't guarantee anything ! ) range from 47 to 50 .                             
  • You will have more than enough of time . I checked twice and I only took less than                    1/2 hour to finish it . Time allocated was like more than an hour ( I forgot ).                                      
  •  Be sure you obey the dress code , collar tee with sleeve , long pants and shoes                             /sneakers .I got fined for RM2 for violating that .                                                                                                   

5. Wait for the issuance of L driving license        

  •    L driver license is the learner's driving license , you need this to learn driving legally .             
  •   The wait is like one month.                                                                                                                  
  • Once the L license is issued , start learning as fast as possible before it expires ( 3 months) , in case you fail the test, you skip the hassle of getting another L license (not expired yet ) to learn driving again.                                                                                                                                                                                                       
6. Driving lessons in the driving school (track)
  • According to the law , time allocated is 5 hours and 30 minutes. ( You have to pay extra if it exceeds 10 hours)                                                                                                                                   
  • You may discuss with your driving instructor for the suitable time to attend the lessons .                   
  • Supposedly , the lessons are conducted individually but some are in groups for the convenience of the driving instructor                                                                                                                      
  • There are six things you need to learn and pass in total .
               i) Z track

  •   the space is narrow , tougher compared to S track , turn the steering as soon as your car pass the kerb ( the pointy part of 'Z')

              ii) S track 

  • more space , easier to control your vehicle .Moved forward while looking at the centre as a reference point to stay in the middle of 'S'

              iii) Parallel parking -

  • park inside the yellow line. 

              iv) Three point turn

  • there is a space shaped like 'L' , move forward into the vertical part of  the 'L' , stop , turn the steering to the right and reverse into the horizontal part of 'L'.

              v) Ascend and descend a hill

  • accelerate up the hill , stop in the very bold yellow line /box indicated by two poles , free the gear , pull up the handbrake . Next, change to 1st gear and step on the accelerator until the engine sounds very loud , release the handbrake and followed by releasing the clutch , move forward down the hill WITHOUT descending backwards

               In short , to pass this part of the driving exam , you shall not hit the kerbs or dividers , et                      cetera . Stop when you see the stop (berhenti ) sign or a traffic light. Use signals and never                  descend BACKWARDS while you're on the hill. While doing the tasks above ( except the                       hill part , you're suppose to use clutch - control and the accelerator shall not be used.
             vi) Car inspection before driving (RPK & RSM) 

                                   Inspect the car inside and out . 
                                  [Inside]Check the hazard lights , meters , mirror and so on .
                                   [Outside] Open the frontal bonnet , you must be able to identify the things                                                    inside and inspect them . Open the car boot and check if the                                                             equipments are present and functioning well . Check if there are any                                                    dents, cracks ,damage or leakage .

I suggest you to record a video while your driving instructor is explaining all these to you , because there are too much things to remember , you might forget when you are having your driving exam !

Here's a video of RPK & RSM uploaded by someone on facebook , uploaded into youtube version by another someone . I do not own this video. 

7. Driving Lessons on the Road 
  • According to the law , time allocated is 10 hours .( You have to pay extra if it exceeds 10 hours)                                                                                                                                                  
  • There are two routes , either one is chosen during your test .                                                                 
  • Remember the routes , familiarize yourself with the routes , know where is the stop sign , junctions and speed bumps.                                                                                                               
  • Never let your engine stall while on the road during the test , you might fail it !                                    
  • Never move too slow or too fast , the examiner will not have the patience , as many others are waiting to be examined . The maximum speed I was allowed to reach is 60 km/h 

8. Driving Test
  • The date for the driving test shall be booked early if not you might not get the dates you want.                 
  • Register yourself once you reach your driving school.                                                                            
  • Track before road !                                                                                                                                
  • For my place , we started with the RPK and RSM thingy , we were called one by one while the others wait in something like a veranda nearby . After that , we were handed over a piece of paper ( for them to fill in the marks) .                                                                                                        
  • Pass the paper to another examiner on the hill , pick a car and just do it , get the paper back once you're done and pass it to another examiner at the parallel parking , wait for your turn.                                                      
  • Once your name is called , go pick another car and do the parallel parking , 3 point turn , Z track, S track all in one shot and park the car in the original position.                                                        
  • Get out of the car and get back your paper to get signed by another examiner , pass or fail .            
  • You will be handed over another piece of paper for the driving test on the road ( instead of track ).                                                                                                                                                      
  • Wait for your turn , pass the paper to the examiner and now impress the another examiner on the road !                                                                                                                                                
  • All the examiners are from the Road Transport Department Malaysia. in full blue uniforms                                                
  • You can choose either Perodua Kancil or Perodua Myvi for the test.

Driving test , the checklist attached with my L license for the use of the examiner. Photo taken with nokia lumia 520
The paper given to me after passing my test in driving school, attached with my L license , this is for the test on the road . It's like a checklist . Photo taken with Nokia Lumia 520 .

9. Wait for the issuance of P license 
  • P stands for probation period 
  • I got mine one week after I pass my test .                                                                                               
  • You can now drive legally on the road ! 
P license malaysia 2015 ,lesen memandu P , photo taken with Nokia Lumia 520
My P license , I know I look fabulous !!! Photo taken with Nokia Lumia 520.

10. Renew license 
  • Your P license will expire after two years and will be replaced with a competent license if you did not break the laws on the road during your probation period .
  • Renew your P license within a year once it expires.

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Peace out (\/)

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  1. Great post! Thanks for sharing entire stuff concerning the driving license in Malaysia. Well, I live in Port Macquarie and getting professional training from a reputed Port Macquarie Driving School. My training is about to complete. Very soon I’ll be applying for the driver’s license.

    1. Hi gagbush , it's my utmost pleasure to share them all out . Oh i see , best of luck on your driving test and drive safe ! Thanks for dropping by . =D

  2. Hey Kaylyn,

    Just checking what was the format for the legal test you took? Is it still the same whereas there are Eng and Malay version and you are free to choose whichever you are comfortable with. I took mine years ago. Checking it for someone else.

    1. Hi Alan ,
      Thanks for dropping by ! =)
      well , Urmm the legal test ? I don't really remember if there's language option , and so do my friends .
      I took the test in Malay since only Malay reading materials/textbook is available .
      Very sorry for the late reply. Hope it helps .

  3. Commenting on this really late,but is it possible to get my P license on the same day after passing my JPJ test?

    1. Hi there ! Thanks for dropping by .
      Well , I think it's better to ask your driving instructor / driving school . For my case , I got mine a few days after passing the test . It's not likely to be able to get it on the same day, I guess. =)

  4. Hello Kaylyn, are there any driving books/booklets in English that you would recommend? Im applying for a Malaysian driving license, but can't speak Malay! Thank you 😃

    1. Good day , GuN ! I'm not too sure about that , cause the books are all provided by my driving school . Maybe your driving school has a solution for that ?

  5. hi. guys i wanna learn to drive and get the driver licence as well. Moreover, i am foreigner student can someone talk where i can find drive school

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    1. Hi Kaylyn,

      Nice work there, I love your explanation and it provides me with more info about getting driving licence. Just a question, when you mention about the 10 hours driving there are two routes and one will be chosen for the test. What are the two routes? For the driving test on the road, what are they testing ?

      Also, how long in prior did you book your test date? Is it only when you finish the 10 hours driving then you can register for the test?

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  8. Hi Kaylyn,

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