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9 Ways My Driving Instructor Annoyed Me

It gives me a cringe whenever I recall back my experience learning how to drive. Just want to share my experience here .

If you read about my previous blogpost , you know I am one of the latest among my friends and acquaintances to get my driving license and you know why ! I heard their experiences , describing their driving instructor as friendly , humorous , patient or loquacious , nosey and impatient . Good or bad , all those seems okay to me , at least it's within my tolerance level .  

Fast & Furious Nerd Shocks Driving Instructors by Maxman TV

Well , I believe everyone has watched this viral video which already has 30 millions of views on youtube. Many people said that the man named Alex in this video was not qualified to be a driving instructor due to his attitude .Negative comments towards Alex were all top comments !  Well , you just gotta see how was my driving instructor compared to Alex , keep reading !

No choice so I was learning with this driving instructor that had taught my mum and my bro to drive. I have heard a lot from my brother before hand , so I thought I prepared enough , mentally .What I heard from my brother was not all !  

How he annoyed me ,

1. Being Loud

" He might not hear well due to his age , so he had to be loud when he was speaking . Okay I understand " , this was how I comfort myself at that time to make myself feel better . Born into a family with family members used to speaking loud ( my mom , auntie, uncle and my grandma ) All of them speak very loudly , and I'm pretty much immuned to high decibels , high frequency and high amplitude sound waves .Do the maths , just imagine how loud this terrible driving instructor is when he was scolding me. It was a miracle my ear drum was not pierced by his loudness yet ! 

2. Being loquacious

Nagging at me again and again . I really don't mind if those words are helpful and make sense ! I think he had a script doing this , nagged at me the same thing for umpteen times ! He was even nosier than a woman , sorry for being mean , but this is the truth .When I related this to my brother , I found out that he nagged the same thing to my brother too ! Here were some of his classic words that are still stuck in my mind .

" I've been driving on the road for 46 years , teaching people how to drive for 43 years ! "
" Listen to me , you won't be wrong !"
" Tell me why !"
" In Kuantan , if it hasn't reach 10 000 , I'm sure I had taught 8000 Kuantan folks how to drive !" 
"It's so hard to teach you since you don't listen to me. " 

Hello ? how do you expect me to digest all your words in such a short time when you are so loud and loquacious and I have to control the car at the same time . I'm trying my best to listen to you and digest your words please !

told him I wanted to postpone my driving test but he convinced me for approximately 1/2 hour from his curry mee theory till his tuition theory till his experience teaching a 60-year-old old lady to drive !  I've decided to follow his arrangement at the moment he told me better not to postpone it  , basically the 29 minutes of lecture was totally unnecessary .

3.Having a bad breath 
I'm totally okay if you have a bad breath but just shut your mouth and better don't speak so much. Having a bad breath , and continue to nag at me without a single feeling of embarrassment . I really had a hard time holding my breath and try my best to just breathe through my mouth . His breath was like someone who just woke up from their bed without brushing their teeth ! Yes, keto bad breath is what we called it informally ! Yaiks , disgusting and i'm about to barf if I continue imagining that .

4. Being unreasonable
And people said women are unreasonable , think twice ! My driving instructor is a man . It wasn't easy , I just kept quiet the entire session , just let him go on with his accusation and stuff . 

  -Accusing me of being recalcitrant, not listening to his instructions intentionally (I was trying my best to listen to him while I struggled to 'manoeuvre' the car ).

 -Tell me to ask him if I forgot the route , scold me when I ask , scold me too if I don't ask .

5.Being rough

Rough but never used profanity . Rough in his actions . When I step on the clutch but I didn't fully step on that thing . His foot would just cross over to my place and step on top of my foot to step on the clutch with all his force . Thank God my nails were not broken , I thought it would . That's why I always wear black shoes ,just in case my foot bleed , so nobody would see it . Another reason is because those pair of shoes are my school shoes , so I would not feel wasted or anything even if he damaged or spoiled my shoes .

Stepping on my foot was already painful , imagine how it felt when he stepped on my foot with all his force !

6.Being Impatient  

I wonder how has he been teaching all his students in the these 43 years if he loses his cool so easily ? Shouldn't he be more understanding and considerate ? I'm a newbie on the road and it's his responsibility to teach me . He expects every student to be perfect when they start to learn driving , crazy. 

7. Never turn on the air conditioner

I was sweating like I just came back from a marathon . I was sweating profusely so I decided to wear my hair up . I just don't care how I looked anymore . He turned off the air conditioner once I get into the car and it really turned me off  =( . Each session was like 3 hours or more , and that means I have to endure the heat and sweat for 3 hours . Nice one , burnt a lot of calories , 'thank you' . 

8. Never wind up the window / windows are opened at all times

To prevent us to die from asphyxiation , of course he did open the window . Driving from my house to the driving school was horrible but at least I didn't have to endure the heat and perspiration because I was driving and the air was rushing in through the window . On my first lesson , I just let my hair down . My hair was in all directions as the air rushed in and it poked my eyes , it hurts and I can't really open my eyes ! As a newbie , I'm thankful that I'm able to do 2 things at a time. I have to remove my hand of the steering to get my hair out of my eyes , put them behind my ears .Fortunately , he didn't scold me for that. On my second lesson , I wear my hair up and used a hair band to hold my hair in place . My hair still poked my eyes but it was much better .

I was in the car like this .

9. Two-faced creature

Laughed like a hyena when he was speaking with his friends , but kept wearing that strict face when he was teaching . ok ,  enough said , I know this is not fair to him . Sorry.

I know he has his reasons for behaving that way to me . I totally understand that he had to be rough , impatient or nosey because his life was at risk ! It's always better to prevent rather than cure . However , this experience really traumatized me , I'm not sure if I am okay to learn driving ever again !

Disclaimer : The information contained is for entertainment purpose only. Stop reading if this content causes any discomfort to you . I did NOT mean to hate, harm , hurt or offend anyone in any ways . No legal or non-legal accountabilities will be held if any party will or likely to suffer any loses or any unpleasant happenings . All of the content above are the writer's own views and opinions based on real-life experience unless stated. No plagiarism is intended in any ways. I own every pictures above ( except the screenshots) .

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Peace out (\/)

Kaylyn Ang

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