Monday, May 4, 2015

Helplessly Unable To Move or Speak in Bed - Paralysed in sleep

Well , I'm not sure if this was my first experience but this was definitely my first lucid experience .If it was a dream , I had to admit that this was the weirdest creepiest and scariest dream EVER. 

Woke up naturally in the morning , brushed my teeth , had my breakfast . As I was using my laptop to check my emails and stuffs , I felt lazy and my bed was just beside me , my brother's bed to be exact . I was in his room . I might need some power nap , I thought , nites !

But first, let me tell ya some bedtime stories .... LOL

Yum yum I love to sleep but I hate how I could fall asleep during the day better than at night . I wish it happens the other way instead . Lately, I don't feel sleepy at night , I closed my eyes and tried my best to 'faint' into sleep , but I just couldn't . My eyes were hurting , wanting me to sleep , but my hypothalamus in my brain located in my ass ( oh no, just kidding  ) just did not allow me to do so . I might stay in my bed for hours with full consciousness up to 4 a.m in the morning . 
There was once , I was conscious until 8 a.m in the morning .I woke up and then just fall asleep VERY easily at 9a.m. in the morning . I guess my sleep hours are quite messed up , my hypothalamus is not as intelligent as I thought .It was like having a jet lag .
Lately , nobody could wake me up from sleep , I will either sleep like a dead log or wake with half consciousness and fall to sleep again until 12 noon ( latest) . Normally , my mum's powerful voice or my phone alarm could wake me up .

It Began 

OK , where was I ? back to the story , the dream began( wait , was it a dream ?) I woke up from sleep , I'm not sure if i woke up anyway , but I was conscious .I can see things around me in the room . My eyes are supposed to be open , I guess , but I can't be sure .

I could see someone standing beside my bed , I just saw its lower body , mainly the torso . I have the feeling that it's my brother . I forgot what he said to me , I guess he was trying to wake me up from sleep because it was really late . It was between 12.30 p.m. to 1.25 p.m. 

I tried to get up because my mom would be back home for lunch at 1.30 p.m. usually . I didn't want to get scolded by my mom for sleeping at this hour . Oh wait , I couldn't move . I tried to lift my head / back to get up but I was like glued to the bed with a generous amount of SUPER adhesive glue .

Maybe my head was heavy or what I dont know . So, I tried to lift my arm instead and I just could NOT get out from the 'glue' that trapped me in the bed . What was happening ? I'm trapped , I'm trapped !

Trap Music Video - Henry ft. Kyuhyun & Taemin
Oh wait , this video is random . And NO I'M NOT A FAN OF KPOP , but this song is nice =)

OK , BACK HERE , this is a no laughing matter .

I tried to call my brother as he was there to wake me up just now . He was walking away , out of the room , I tried to call him to help me . I was trapped . I opened my mouth but there was no voice . I can't talk , I can't move, I can't make any noises . I was like in a vacuum space , or am I in another dimension ? That was hella creepy . Nobody heard me including myself , I was dumb at the moment and dumbfounded of course. I tried to scream as hard as possible but to no avail .

Feeling vulnerable and helpless , I struggled hard . I tried to lift my arm , with all my force until I felt a slight pain in my arm but it was a wasted effort . My body felt really stiff and I couldn't move AT ALL  . I had zero idea what the hell was going on .

 Where was I ? in my brother's bedroom , not in hospital or elsewhere that no human on earth would ever wish to go ( if you know what I mean) . That gave me a slight relief , as I was stuck in a place that I was familiar of , but I was really anxious , not knowing what was happening . Was it the end of the world or what ? Was I paralysed ? I was terrified to the max . It was all so sudden .

Wake Me Up- Avicii
Seriously , if Avicii was right in front of me , I still couldn't get out of my bed , I had no control over my muscles , my limbs at that moment

I feel asleep or 'asleep' again and stopped struggling . I'm not sure which it was . After a while , I regained consciousness again , this time , literally conscious . I was thinking it must be really late , mom will be so pissed off if she found out that I was still sleeping . I just got up right immediately when my heart wanted me to, this time my brain did not deny what my heart wanted . I could move , I could speak .

I realised I fell asleep after my brother went to work , that means I was home alone when I was experiencing all this . Wait , who was that I saw  beside my bed ? I thought it was my brother . I asked my brother whether he went back home to grab his things later on that day and it was a negative answer from him. That means I was either hallucinating or it was someone else . He was not actually there !  Creepy to the max ! #OMG

 Anyway ,THANK GOD I could wake up again , I was really afraid that I couldn't wake up again . I thought my life would just end there , I'm so grateful that I could wake up again and do my things as usual . This make me realize that life is very fragile, you wouldn't know when you will lose it . Appreciate life , thank god for not forgetting to wake you up everyday ! 

The first thing I did after getting outta the bed was to search it in google . I realised I was not the only one that went through this . People were reasoning this from the most ridiculous way to the scientific way .

Explanations / Reasoning

  1. Chinese believes it was a condition called 鬼压床 ,which means ghost holds someone to the bed , not allowing you to move.                                                                                                                        
  2. Some sources from the internet explained this condition by relating it with demons and jinns ,trying to possess someone .                                                                                                                            
  3. Scientifically it was a condition called sleep paralysis a phenomenon in which a person, either falling asleep or awakening, temporarily experiences an inability to move, speak, or react.It is often accompanied by terrifying hallucinations ,such as an intruder in the room ( which explained why I saw my brother in the room )to which one is unable to react due to paralysis .

I'm really not the only one !

I'm more convinced that the third reasoning is true and chose to believe that . The first and second ones are way too creepy .

Live life to the fullest , nobody knows when is the last day of their life , YOLO , you only live once , appreciate your time and make every second counts

" Let me live today like there is no tomorrow, 
regardless of how many tomorrows I may or may not see." 
--- David Gethings 

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Peace out (\/)

Kaylyn Ang


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  2. Yo. Interesting post 😀
    I heard from a friend that you can get out of sleep paralysis by focusing on moving just one part of your body like your finger. Once you're able to move that finger you should be fine. At least according to my friend la.

    Visit me at my blog,

    1. Thanks Reina ! =)
      Can't even move , I'm not too sure whether I'm conscious or in a dream at that time . Scary experience . Very sorry for the late reply , I've totally forgotten .
      Anyway , I've visited your blog , keep up the good work !