Friday, May 15, 2015

Confessions Of a Gamer Girl in Garena Blackshot

I was first introduced to Garena Blackshot  when I was14 by a friend who wanted someone to play with him . Garena Blackshot is a shooting game that is close to an exact copy of Sudden Attack , Counterstrike and so on . So , I created an account and I had fun .After a period of time , I eventually stopped playing it at all to focus on something that is more important .

After a few years , I graduated from high school/secondary school and I have a long holiday. I had plans for my long holiday but this gaming thing was definitely not in my plan. It was quite a distraction but who cares , YOLO ,I did not regret it , at least for now =)  I need more fun before college starts. I started to play this game again but with a new account because I forgot what was my old account ID and password.

1) I Was A Game Addict 

  • I played for 3 months since January , almost everyday for at least one hour or up to 4-6 hours . If I were in a mood to do nothing productive on that day , my day can be just game , eat and sleep . That definitely exceeded 6 hours of gaming . 
  • Stopped since April because I realised I had been derping for months , and I should commit myself into something more meaningful , something that will gives me permanent pleasure and happiness . I had to do something with my life instead of feeling happy temporarily in a game which is not useful or beneficial to me in a long run .

2) Why I loved the game 

  •  I liked the suspense , and how it made my heart flutter when people stabbed you in the back (literally) . It was even more palpitating when someone jumped down from the top to stab you !                                  
  • The pleasure and satisfaction you got when you played it well is the BOMB ! HAHA The game was thrilling and I loved it                                                                                                                                                                          

    The amounts of head shots in a row at the bottom improved my mood =) . My best record of all time was either 9 OR more (I forgot) head shots in a row ,without respawn . BOMB !
                               7 kills in a row (without respawn), that was my best record of all time .BOMB !

  • That sudden bafflement that struck you when you got killed not knowing who did it was one of the wow factor ! 

3) Screenshot It When I have a Fancy Weapon

  • Be it a knife, sniper, SMG, shotgun , rifle or a grenade , I would press the print screen button .                                                                                                                                                             
  • A paraphernalia of fancy weapons with different colours,name and shape.

4) Cyber bullying

  • The game (in a game room) was divided into blue team and red team . There was once , I randomly entered a game room and I was told to leave the team and join the other team because of my rank . My rank was private , if I'm not wrong . Private is a rank for beginners and newbies of the game .       
  • Gamers cheating and hacking in the game was quite common. Gamers online could be mean when they are scolding them .  Coo called Ruby orphan because he was cheating/hacking the game . There were actually meaner gamers scolding people with all sorts vulgarities ! 
  • I've been booted from a game room before , not sure why , maybe because I'm noob . I had seen other gamers boot people because they are weak/noob too.

5) Real Name as Game ID

  • Initially , I used my real name because it's easy to remember , so that I wouldn't have problems logging into my account to play the game . I tried to change my game ID but to no avail . Anybody out there knows how to change the game ID ? please let me know in the comment section below !  

6) Flirts And Catcalls

  • People could just randomly send a whisper message to me asking if I'm a girl . Majority of gamers are guys , but there are a minority of girls too . I'm curious if the other people who used girl names get this kind of whisper message too ? Let me know in the comments below =D

HAHA just kidding , don't slap me due to my narcissism .

  • Some gamers took flirting to a whole new level . He was not my friend , I didn't know him . He didn't even know anything about me .He only know my name , oh my name is beautiful , punch me  , but stop ,  I was just joking. Although I told him I'm a guy , he just keep teasing me .

    • I don't like unwanted attention , that's why I want to change my game ID as I previously mentioned .

    7) Never Accepted Random Friend Requests

    • I had never accepted random friend requests in the game . I only accept friend requests sent by gamers that I have interacted in the game . 'Friends' in game just remained in game . Untill now , I only have 5 friends out of the 5000 friends limit .

    8) People in Game 

    • The determined people
    I rejected a random friend request and that gamer kept sending me another one , one after another after every rejections . LOL what !? And he sent more than 3 game request until I got annoyed a little bit , hahaha .

    • The kid
    Saw a gamer girl using her real name , and I thought we could be friends . Oh wait , she's just 12 years old . OMG, Hey I just wanted to have peers (girls) who have common interest .

    • The nice people
    Sometimes , people would just say 'good luck' before a game started  .

    • The vulgar people
    And the vulgar people would be like ' stfu' after people saying good luck . (errrr.... it was actually me who said good luck to random people , ahaha)
    And vulgar people like those that I mentioned previously ( cyber bullying ) refer to #4 .

    9) Got a S rank in Blackshot 

    • S rank is higher than getting an A 

    • Stop discriminating girls , Girls can be good at video games too

    10)  MVP (Most Valuable Player) in Blackshot 

    ------------------------------------------------------------- From this gaming experience , I truly had a lot of fun . Besides , I also learnt that guys could just throw out promising pick up lines like how they throw rubbish . So yeah girls , don't be deceived by them .

    'Practice makes perfect ' , and I have proven it right . I was once the gamer who got booted out of a game room because I was too weak . Now , I managed to cling the 'S' rank and finished as a MVP a.k.a most valuable player . In fact , I was not that good , I'm only good using smg in the game .Now , I came back to reality , so I will be on a indefinite hiatus in gaming . Moreover , college will be starting really soon , and I will not be able to blog often .

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    Peace out (\/)

    Kaylyn Ang

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