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Why People Post Their Problems on Social Media

We all have that one friend who posts their problems on social media like facebook , twitter or even on instagram . I'm sure you will sometimes get annoyed by this kind of tweets or post and you might block them to mute them because you might think that they are spamming your newsfeed .

Indeed , this issue really bother quite a lot of people because I've seen a lot of memes complaining about people posting their problems on social media . To be honest ,sometimes I get annoyed ,but sometimes I don't , because I know why they are posting them even if it is the most private problems they are going through !

Stop being sarcastic and I will tell you how it solves things !
I heard being sarcastic actually makes people wiser but your point here reflects that you're quite ignorant .

It actually works to make things easier , refer to point #7

WHAT IF I TOLD IT WILL MAKE THINGS EASIER ?refer to the seven points !

i will tell you right away why and how it's all better because of that

Sit back and imma tell ya right away !

Why People Post Their Problems on Social Media 

1) They spoke for themselves lest they're gone one day

Truth will be spoken or their voices will be heard if they were gone one day . They may want other people to know that they are bothered by some problems lest they committed suicide, be it by accident or vice versa . At this moment , I believe it's no longer a problem to them anymore , it's a conundrum . It's different .

Most of the time , people with life problems are suicidal to escape from the problem and if you said they are stupid ( yes , to a certain extend) , I gotta say you don't understand them . Posting their conundrums on social media is like they are writing a 'death note' or a 'suicide note' that they wish to clarify and come clean with things that had been bothering them . Of course this will make them feel better , their voice is heard when they can't speak anymore .

They wish people could try to understand why they took their own life , how they feel and hope to minimize criticisms from the 'keyboard warriors' online . However , they may not be suicidal , keep reading to check out what are the other possibilities ! 

2) They've been keeping it for too long

Everyone has their limits , and when it's exceeded , they do things without much thought. This is when 'the side you never want to see' is shown. 

I saw this picture online two years ago , but I didn't understand the meaning of the third point . Now I know ! If you don't get it , I will try my best to help you understand this .

I saw this picture online two years ago , but I didn't understand the meaning of the third point . Now I know ! If you don't get it , I will try my best to help you understand this .

Holding the weights symbolises keeping their problems to themselves  , steps symbolises time . Imagine holding on your palms 10 kg of weights , and for EACH step you take (walk) ,another weight is added to the load . Your arm is strained to the maximum .There comes the final weight that breaks your resistance , and your arm gives way and the weights crash to the ground  .

                     The feeling is exactly like this , except that her resistance have not broken , her arms have not given way and the                                                                weights have not crashed  to the waters . The process is not easy .                                                        

This is implying that they had have enough of the things that are bothering them and 'the side you never want to see' makes a debut ! They loses themselves (become bewildered) , and you should understand why they post their problems on social media by now .

3) Writing a diary or journal is troublesome

Keyboard warriors ( or even pandas)  be like " Hey brotha , that obviously sounds like a personal problem , keep it to yourself please ! "
Do you know why they did that although it is personal ? Well , you have to understand that ...

I believe many of them writes or had tried to write a diary before but they stopped after a few weeks ,months or even years . Why ? because they want to post it on Facebook or Twitter

Writing a diary can be quite troublesome , because they might lost it as most of them don't write them everyday . As for social media , it has been a part of our life and it has become a daily routine for them to be online . Besides , posting your problems on Facebook or Twitter saves the hustle of getting a pen or finding their diary because their smartphone are pretty much attached to them and wifi is easily available .

4) They're helpless and desperate for help
5) They have nobody trusted to turn to

Point number 4 and number 5 are related . Here is how both are related . " They have nobody trusted to turn to that's why they are helpless and desperate.

They share it publicly because they think they can't handle it alone anymore but they can't trust anybody else . So , they start to trust the social media , which is something non-living , forgetting the fact that the social media are crowded with judgemental eyes .Normally , they will delete them after they realise what they are actually doing .
That pair of judgemental eyes , judging so hard aye ?

You can't really blame them for not trusting anyone . Everyone has their own stories , don't judge when you only know their name and face . You can't be sure if they had some obnoxious past experience that make them become more reserved to themselves .

6) Pouring out their feelings in words is easier than saying it verbally 

People especially girls ( not trying to be sexist but this is how the internet describes girls) tend to feign carefree saying that they are completely fine when they are obviously not . It's not easy to express feelings verbally because they are many factors that may hold you back . Look at the examples below , try to ask yourself if you find it easier to write or to speak them out .
  • I love you
  • I hate you
  • You're annoying
  • You're ugly
When they speak ,they tend to feel bad , embarrassed or worried , so it's better to put it in words sometimes .
When they speak ,they tend to feel bad , embarrassed or worried , so it's better to put it in words sometimes .

7) Being an Attention Whore Wanting Attention From The Expected Person, to be accurate.

Possibility 1 : They are expecting that person that they think care about them to willingly ask about their problems first before they told the expected person . If it really happens in the way they expected , they feel appreciated . They will realise that someone actually care about their concerns . Undeniably , this makes the them feel better . And you were asking how it's all better because of that huh ? ( third photo from the top )

Just want to share this photo because it touched my heart even though I didn't not know what's their concerns . Moreover , the comfort here is too comfortable . =')

Possibility 2 :  It's possible that their problem involves a third party . They want the third party to solve their problem and maybe both are reluctant to speak to each other .  At the same time , they do not want to be direct to the third party and hinting them that they are actually bothered . I personally think that think is the worst excuse or a weakest reason (of all) why people post their problems online . I mean , grow up brotha , solve the problem between you guys the mature way ! No offence , Peace .

Sorry for not posting anything for the past two months , I've been busy with college and now it's my mid-sem break ! Yippie Yay ! 

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Peace out (\/)

Kaylyn Ang

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  1. thanks for this explanation it really helps...yes it's correct that sometimes you don't know what to do or whom you can trust...i myself sometimes post a simple problem on facebook and yes, my family will disagree and never understand why...i know for fact that some of friends or lots of them annoyed reading it.. i am struggling and trying to surpass my depression....