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JPA Program Khas Kejuruteraan Jepun, Korea, Perancis Dan Jerman 2015 Interview

Basically this JPA Program Khas is a scholarship for SPM leavers to venture into the studies of engineering in four different countries as mentioned , Japan , Korea, France and Germany . Applicants who successfully secured the scholarship will have to study the respective foreign languages before doing their degree , in foreign language of course .For further information , Click Here . For more detailed information about the JPA Program Khas Jepun (Kumpulan Teknikal Jepun ,KTJ) , stay tuned to my blogspot for more updates from me !

Sorry for being long winded , but I'm going to share everything from head to toe .

The application was opened for 8 days after results of SPM 2014 were announced . The day the results were announced was on the 3rd of March , which means the application for the scholarship was closed on the 10th of March . We were informed to attend their interview in less than two weeks after the deadline . I nearly missed the interview as I thought we would be communicated through email . In fact , the 'call' for interview was done through the website I applied for the scholarship.
The 'call' for interview . The interview is known as Tapisan Student Assessment Center (SAC). Almost everyone got this 'call' tho ! 

Besides that , we were told to do some psychological test too . It consisted of 2 sections , around 300 questions for each section . This test was meant to know our interests and our characters , I guess .

Section A (JPA Program Khas Kejuruteraan Online Test)

A 'sneak peek 'of questions from Section A

Section B (JPA Program Khas Kejuruteraan Online Test)

A 'sneak peek 'of questions from Section B

The location of the interview was in IIUM , Kuantan , a public university ( IPTA ) in my town . They named the interview SAC ( Student Assessment Centre). The dress code was weird , I wasn't sure whether it was formal or casual . They wanted us to put on a long-sleeve T shirt with collar and a track bottom. I was thinking , " are we tested on our physical ability or what ? where can I get a long-sleeve T shirt with a collar ? " That's quite a one of a kind of combo , LOL . I didn't care and I just wear my white long-sleeve top ( school uniform ) , and it was obviously not a T-shirt . Surprisingly , I wasn't alone ! 

We were informed to reach there by 8 in the morning , I went to a room/hall following the indicators on the wall . I reached there a few minutes before 8 , went into a room and registered myself . I passed all my documents , original and photocopy to them and waited there .

The interview started at around 8 something because we were waiting for more applicants to show up . There were supposed to be 20 - 30 applicants , but I wasn't too sure about that because I just took a quick glance at the attendance list when I signed it . In the end , there was only 15 in total that turned up for the interview ( for my session ). For your information , the interview at my place lasted for about 5 days , 2 sessions per day . The interview centre at my place was mostly for applicants from Pahang , near to Kuantan to be specific, however , there were a few more centres for the jpa interviews throughout Malaysia , so don't worry of the need to travel too far for the interview !

Part I : Ice - Breaking 

The interview started with an ice-breaking session . Some people just thought that it was just an ice-breaking session but nothing more . If you're alert enough like me ( facepalm) , you know the interview had started and you were being observed and judged ! First impression is hella important guys !

Btw , there was a late comer during my session . When asked why he was late , he said he overslept and gosh , my eyes were wide open for 0.5 seconds ( not more than that to avoid letting others  know that I'm shocked ,LOL my housemate taught me this by the way ) Respect his honesty but he had just pushed the self -destruct button . =0

We were given a number tag each , hung around our neck throughout the interview . Make sure they can see the number tags !  We were told to stand in groups based on our country of choice ( for the scholarship ) , based on our birthday month and so on . We were also paired up and were told to speak to each other . They would ask us questions about our partner after like 5 minutes . For my interview , they asked our partners name , former school , hobbies , hometown and so on . I got to know from my friends (from other states) they would ask really unexpected questions like their shoe size too ! So yeah, expect the unexpected okay ?  I guess they were trying to examine our communication and social skills .

Towards the end of the ice-breaking session , we were also asked our reason(s) for choosing that particular country . My choice was Japan ( It wasn't really my choice tho ) and I couldn't think of any better reasons because I know nothing about Japan LOL ! So i just say their technology amazed me . Some applicants be like , oh ya , germany , france because their country is soooo beauty beauty !  so romantic , this and that . HAHHAHA respect their honesty , and yes , eyes wide open for 0.5 seconds again . They shouldn't say that even though it's true ! oh well ... hahahahhha

Part II : Group Discussion and Presentation in Malay Language 

After that , 15 of us were separated into 2 groups and were brought into a room . So , that means there were 2 group discussion and 2 presentations , all in Malay Language .

The group interview focused on questions related to policies implemented by the government, such as the Government Transformation Program (GTP) and Economic Transformation Program (ETP)

There were 2 tables and we sat in groups around the table . We were given a (same) theme with 2 different topics . We were assigned with one topic each and were supposed to discuss about the topic and come up with points for the presentation.

The theme we got was about " Pembangunan Kawasan Luar Bandar di Malaysia " (Rural Development in Malaysia) . My group mates and I were supposed to think of the ways to develop rural areas in Malaysia . So we had a discussion , brainstormed about the points and planned for the presentation . the time allocated for the discussion was like one and a half hour , if I'm not mistaken .The presentation was like less than half an hour . You may think there was a lot of time , but time was a little bit tight for us during the group discussion .

After the discussion , we ( 2 groups) took turns to do our presentation .After every presentation , the interviewers would ask questions . This is the time for you to stand out and shine among the others ! Grab the chance to answer their questions WISELY but not to the level where you took the chance of the other applicants COMPLETELY . Remember , it's not an individual interview, it's a group interview and your attitude towards your group mates was observed too , I believe . Give chance to others while you shine , like a diamond in the sky *possessed by Rihanna for a moment * ( LOL) .

Thank god I could handle it when an interviewer 'fired a canonball ' at me , okay , I might have exaggerated a little . I was suggesting that the government should fix a quota for rural folks to be prioritized in education scholarships , job opportunities and so on . Told them equality doesn't mean justice , to support my point . In fact , I didn't really agree with my point . But , oh well , just carry on . I also made an analogy, told them how different is giving RM20 to a 2-year-old baby and giving it to a 20-year-old adult . The interviewer asked confidently , what if I don't wanna give you this scholarship and give it to a rural student , is it okay ? Hahaha this was completely out of my expectation /.\

There was another question being asked based on one of my group mate's point , which is giving rural students a chance to venture into HIGHLY respected  ( caps locks because I think every single job is respected , but in a different degree of respect , perhaps , ehem ) job fields like medics, engineering and so on. The interviewer asked , if all of them are nurtured to be doctors and engineers , who will be cleaning the city , tapping the rubbers and working in paddy fields and farms ? So yeah , I'm grateful that something popped up in my mind , so I had another chance to speak , something the interviewer wanted to hear . ( She literally told me that , haha )

IIUM , Kuantan , the place of interview for the JPA Program Khas Kejuruteraan Scholarship .
After every presentation , there was a session where we were supposed to ask the presenters questions related to their presentation . Yes , we are supposed to ask and not just keep quiet .

My Malay Language got really 'rusty' as I had not spoken it for quite a while since I only had 3 malay classmates during my senior high . I used to speak English and Chinese , a lot , seriously . Left with no choice , I just pushed myself hard to speak and I did lose my words at times . I used to speak the language VERY fluently T.T

Part III : Group Discussion and Presentation in English Language 

Moving on , we were brought into another room , with another 2 interviewers . The ambiance here was more serious and formal tho , because the interviewers never flashed a single smile , but a poker face , or bitch face like people called it .


Like the previous session , I shook the interviewers' hand and greeted them with a smile and got my seat . The interview was carried out exactly like the previous session , but all in English . Group discussion , presentation and questions.

The theme was about overpopulation of foreign workers in Malaysia ? ( well, I'm not too sure , but yeah ... ) and my group mates and I were supposed to elaborate the effects and challenges . The task assigned wasn't too clear . We were wandering what did they mean by the word ' challenge' . Was it the challenges to solve the issue , or the challenges of having too many foreign workers here , in Malaysia ? We decided to ask the interviewers , but to no avail . =( We were told to think and analyse  it ourselves . Danggit , hahahha .

There we go , started to brainstorm , discuss and plan . The time allocated was the same as the previous session . English was the only language we used during this session . So yeah , I'm on the winning side hehehe , ( JUST KIDDING) , I mean compared to BM session which had forcibly tied my tongue . I tried really hard to untie it tho .

So , I was verbally or indirectly 'assaulted' by one of my group mate . I can't blame him tho . We were talking about the same point . He was supposed to elaborate the effects of that particular point , while I was supposed to talk about the challenges . This kid had so much to tell until his elaboration swayed so far away from his scope and overlapped what I was gonna talk . Nice one indeed . I had to think of another elaboration to support my point in JUST 1-2 MINUTES WHILE THIS KID WAS PRESENTING HIS PART (OR MAYBE NOT ONLY HIS PART ,if you know what i mean lol) , NO, I'M NOT KIDDING YOU. This guy talked so much till you might thought that was an individual presentation . Our existence were like... not bothered by him . =(

 Gosh , when I found out he didn't manage to secure this scholarship , I cheered a little , to myself . I know I shouldn't , but put yourself in my shoes ! You know how much he annoyed me , while I'm trying my best to be the best of the best ! My opinion on why he didn't get the scholarship ? Well ,I think he's too bossy , that's all , further elaboration might reveal his identity .

My Thoughts 

It was quite competitive . Everyone was like on the same par . They had the confidence , could speak well and mingle about with one another . So, at the beginning , I was wondering how would they judge us . I guess i got my answer now ,after the entire interview .

 I learned to always expect the unexpected ,remain calm and think of alternatives when we were 'screwed' by the others . (LOL) And , of course , remain humble and approachable the whole time . In addition , it's important to make a true and valid statement . This was pointed out by one of the interviewers when a few applicants made  random statements that was believed (by them) to be true .

After the interview , I had a feeling that I actually made it .As mentioned above , I said what the interviewers wanted to hear during the BM session . During the BI session , I managed to make the interviewers nod their heads while I was presenting my points , although I was so screwed up by one of my group mate =.=   I just didn't feel like myself that day , or I just underestimated myself all this while ?Thank god, I just couldn't explain how was I be able to become so nimble that day . I'm usually very blur and 'out of the situation ' , like all the time.

I'm really, really grateful that the interview went really well for me . All this while , my parents are always criticizing me , saying I'm as timid as a rat , lazy, no confidence , childish and all the bad stuffs . So , I guess I proved them wrong now , earning an overseas scholarship from the government that worth hundreds of thousands ! =)

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By the way I've completed another blogpost about the questions you guys might have , regarding this scholarship. Click Here

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Peace out (\/)

Kaylyn Ang


  1. HI there , it sounds like a challenging interview you mind telling me your spm result ? simply because i scared that my result is not that good ..ty

    1. Hi ,there , thanks for reading ! Judging by the pseudonym you used , you must be interested in the Korea Programme ! Anyway , as long as your result satisfies the requirements , it shouldn't be a stumbling block to securing this scholarship .I have batch mates (scholars) who were KPM bursary holders (more than 9 A+). In the meantime , there are also quite a number of them who got 4 A+ or more . Most of them got straight A's ( A,A-,A+) in general. Don't worry ,just apply it and try your best during the interview . Good Luck ! =)

  2. Hi =)
    For the group discussion and presentation,are we allowed to take a look on the paper or notes we have written during the presentation?

    1. hi there..can i know what is your spm result ? i just ' tidak berjaya ' and failed to qualify for interview sad =.=

    2. Hi Anonymous , sorry for the late reply . Anyway , I don't think I could help much since I heard from my juniors that the interview this year was totally different . Yes , I did jot down ONLY important points on a paper so that I had a rough idea of what I was gonna talk about . It's not a good idea to keep looking at your notes , try to make eye contact with the interviewers .

    3. Hi Chengkien ! Chin up =) , surprisingly quite a number of people around me wasn't qualify for the interview too .I'm curious to know how they choose as well , hmmmm . For my year , almost everyone I know got the interview. Almost half of them did not turn up for the interview though =/

  3. May I know what answer that you gave that made the interviewer said that was the answer i wanna hear?

  4. May I know how did you answer when the panelist asked you if he don't wanna give you this scholarship and give it to a rural student ?

  5. Hi!! Sorry to bother you. I wish to know when did you choose the particular branch of engineering you chose to pursue. Because I applied for the Kejuruteraan programme but I don't recall ever being asked the branch of engineering that I want to pursue during the application. Will I be able to choose after the interview or will JPA determine our branch?

  6. Hi , good day . We can choose what we want to study as long as it's under the field of engineering . We will have to attend preparatory classes before studying abroad and during that time , we apply for the field of engineering we want in our desired universities/colleges . So it's a procedure to be done when you're in the preparatory level (language learning ). It takes up to 1 year or 2 to learn the language before going to the next path