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JPA Program Khas Kejuruteraan Jepun , Korea , German dan Perancis 2015 (FAQ)

It's the time of the year again ! SPM leavers would be cracking their head deciding what's next for them after completing their studies in secondary school .I'm pretty sure it is everyone's dream to earn a scholarship to further their studies abroad .

Recently ,a few of my juniors approached me to seek information and advice about the scholarship I secured . I'm glad they did , because I wouldn't want to see my juniors being as clueless as I was after my SPM . I regret so much as i missed so many other opportunities that i desired for years because I was so ignorant and clueless . So , I'm going to compile all the questions directed to me and publish them with answers here , on my website . I hope it helps .

Q1 : Which scholarship program are you currently involved in?
  • : I'd accepted JPA's scholarship to Japan . Under this program's policy , I have to complete a 2-year-foundation locally before getting a diploma and followed by a degree in Japan . The whole program would take 7 years . 2 years in Shah Alam , Malaysia and 5 years in Japan (3 years diploma , 2 years degree) . I'm currently doing my foundation in Intec Education College ,Shah Alam .
Q2 : why JPA scholarship ? 

  • In short , I had no better choices than this scholarship . My dream was to secure a scholarship to study abroad in the States .I studied hard during secondary school to be qualified for KPM Bursary . Yes , I did it but things didn't turn out too well for me . Previously , kpm bursary holders will be sponsored up till degree level (any course) at their choice of university if their result during their prepatory course is maintained . Unfortunately , this privelege is not available for my batch anymore . When I received this news , most of the sponsors out there already closed their scholarship application . 

  • I applied for JPA , Petronas and Maybank . I was hoping to scholarship from Petronas , since JPA did not offer the country of my choice , and its very competitive to get a scholarship from Maybank . In the end , I wasn't even shortlisted for Petronas interview . I was really , really disappointed as I feel it wasn't fair when you're turned down without any assessment . As for Maybank , I wasnt called for interview too . Well , let's just believe everything happens for a reason.  I'm very grateful that I was selected for this scholarship and I didn't regret making this decision .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
 Q3 : Why did you choose Japan instead of Korea , Germany or France ? 

  • It was a decision without much thought since i already decided to take up the kpm bursary at that time . 

  • I don't particularly have any preference to any 4 of the countries .Studying engineering in a foreign language is my major concern. So, i chose the country where their language is easier to master .  German is said to be one of the hardest language in the world . I heard european language is not easy . So i eliminated Germany and France as my choice . Rumours also said that these two countries are also harder to get selected as the competition is quite stiff . 

  • Between Korea and Japan , my dad told me Japan is more notable in the field of engineering . I don't know how true is that btw ! Besides , Japanese language consists of 80 percent of kanji (汉子/ 漢字/ chinese characters ) which most of chinese-speaking students are familiar with . So if i come across any kanjis that i haven't learnt in class (japanese) , I can always guess the meaning based on my knowledge in Chinese Language . You definitely can't do that if it's in Korean ! So , you're on the winning side if you've learnt Chinese . Japanese is also more widely used and spoken ,according to Wikipedia . 

 Q4 : Do you know anyone who is currently involved in JPA overseas scholarship for engineering program (South Korea, Japan, Germany, France)?

  • Yes ! My roommate is in German program , studying ALG ( A-level German ) . I made some friends who will be flying to Korea during orientation too ! The orientation was fun but tiring . They will be flying on the 20th of February this year , a year ahead of me and my friends . All the best to them ! As for France , I don't really know them , as their class in Malaysia was too short , not even a month . They also didn't really join us for the orientation too. 
Me , my Japanese Programme (KTJ ) friends and Korean Programme friends, nice photobomb at the back.
( Photo taken at Pak Li kopitiam, Seksyen 18 , Shah Alam)

Q5. Are there any scholarships which are eligible for us to apply now without actual result?

  • Yes , of course they are ! Bursaries and scholarships offered by some private colleges only requires trial results. 

Q6 . What subjects do you have while completing your foundation , requirements to pass the foundation and fly ? ( KTJ Program )

  • We have 5 main subjects in total . Do bare in mind that each program varies accordingly . The subjects we have in common are Sciences , Mathematics and a foreign language . For my program ( Kumpulan Teknikal Jepun , aka KTJ ) , We study Physics, Chemistry , Mathematics , Japanese Language ,and English (after a year) . Besides, we have 2 minor subjects that is compulsary for all college students which is MPU(Malaysian Studies , something similar to Sejarah)  and CTES (teology)

  •  At the end of the fourth semester ( The end of the foundation ) , we will be required to pass the exam called Monkasho shiken for admission into Japan National College of Technologies(JNCT) , or Technical School for 3 years of diploma programme, we may pursue a degree in engineering in any of the Japanese Universities for another 2 years.To pass the Monkasho Shiken  , we must get at least an average of 60/100 for all 5 subjects .
Q7 : Do we need to study everything in a foreign language ?

  • Sorry but the answer is yes  ! We are talking about getting an engineering degree abroad in a foreign language. Don't worry . we all started with English first , and switched to our respective foreign languages ,depending on the programme you're in . For KTJ , you're going to study every subject in English except Japanese language of course , during your first semester , which lasts about 4 months . You will have to study the subjects in full Japanese from 2nd semester onwards . You will get all those Japanese textbooks that were imported from Japan , for free if you got the scholarship !

My textbooks in full Japanese Language
Q8 : What kind of engineering courses are we allowed to study ? 

  • Any kind of engineering as long as it is engineering . Architecture is not included even though it is classified under engineering in Japan . You don't have to decide immediately . For ktj , we have to decide during our 3rd semester as we have to complete our application to Japan National College of Technologies(JNCT) , or Technical School during that period of time.

Q9 : Is this scholarship still available in 2016 ?

  • Yes , JPA has been sending students to Japan since 1983 . The scholarship maybe a little different starting from 2016 but it is still available . Firstly , the place allocated has been reduced to 200 , from 300 . 

  • Secondly , it's leaning towards a study loan .It is a scholarship only if you work as a government servant after your studies . You have to payback everything to JPA is you choose not to serve the government . ( As in the image below)

Q10 : How to apply for this scholarship ? How is the interview conducted and is it tough to be selected ?

  • The application is open right immediately after SPM results are announced . Keep abreast of the latest update by checking this JPA's Website  or their Facebook Page . The application would normally last a week . You will be informed about the interview after approximately two weeks . For my year (2015) was during the end of March . SPM results was announced on the 3rd of March , yeah one of my happiest days in my life ,btw. 

  • How competitive is it to get this scholarship ? 10000 applications and 300 were selected in 2015.

Q11 : Are all the fees covered in this scholarship ?

  • Yes , tuition fees , accommodations , air tickets for those who come from Sabah and Sarawak , books and monthly allowance of RM 430 . In Japan , the allowance per month would be around RM 4500 , and it is the highest amount compared to scholars in Germany , Korea and France.
Q 12 : Are we sponsored until we graduate ? 
  • Generally , we are sponsored up to 7 years ( locally and abroad) . However , JPA has to right to cancel the scholarship anytime if our result does not meet their requirement . For korean and Japanese Program , we will graduate with a degree .Due to the different education system in Europe ( German and France)  ,  they would get a master after completing their studies , even though the duration is the same as Japan and Korea . However , it may not be recognized in Malaysia . 
I will be blogging about my life,studies and stuff while doing my foundation ,how I adapt and I will talk about the environment in my college on my next post . Stay tuned . it will be out on March .
(20/3 , Just done blogging about my stay in the college hostel , CLICK HERE )

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Lastly , ok mom and dad , this is part of the reason why I'm always on my cellphone , lately . I'm actually blogging . 

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  1. How did you know that you get shortlisted for the scholarship after the interview? Will they send you an email or you have to check with the system?
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  2. Hi , anonymous ! sorry for the late reply , life in Intec have been very busy . I checked the results through the system on their website . It is advisable to visit the website frequent so that you won't miss any important notice . Btw , the results are supposed to be out already since they will be coming in to Intec next week for orientation =)

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  4. Hi Kaylyn,i would like to know whether 300 ppl are allocated under one programme or all four programmes?

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