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Kolej Cemara/Akasia , The Hostel for INTEC , Shah Alam Students

So it's been a year since the first day I come to Kolej Cemara/ Akasia . What brings you here , my friend  ? I'm pretty sure your intention was exactly like mine a year ago . Days before I leave for college , I was wondering what place would I stay in ? What they have there ? the facilities ? Should I bring along my bed too ? LOL . Yes , tonnes of ambiguities !

INTEC students either stay in Kolej Cendana ( Seksyen 6) or Kolej Cemara and Kolej Akasia (Seksyen 18) . Kolej Cendana and Kolej Cemara are for boys . Kolej Akasia are for girls . However , there are two blocks of buildings for girls in Kolej Cemara . Kolej Cemara is just the opposite of Kolej Akasia.

Its a small apartment with 2 rooms . 2 persons accommodate a room , and that makes 4 persons in a unit ( apartment) .  There's a mini living room with two sofas , one on the right and one on the left when you walk in . At the same place there's 4 study tables and chairs .We have our own notice board to scribble too . It just depends how lucky you are . In my case, I have another extra window , because i got the 'corner' unit instead of the ones in between other units . Besides , I can see who's the guard on duty at the entrance through that window . I get to know if the bus outside left / came too . Strategic huh ?

The door on your left (as in this picture ) leads you to the 'balcony' and also the place to dispose your trash .

Just dump anything you want to dispose into this 'trashcan' which is connected to a large pipe and it will bring your rubbish down to a large bin . The rubbish will be collected regularly by the authorities . On the other side , that's the place to dry your clothes .

On your left there's a mini kitchen which is COMPLETELY EMPTY . No fridge , no nothing . You're not allowed to have a fridge too as it consumes a lot of electricity , unless you sneak one in . For safety reasons, only light cooking ( cooking which uses electricity instead of fire/gas ) is allowed .

It would be really convenient to go buy a water filter for drinking water / daily uses , as the water there isn't clean . Apparently the water pipes are rusty , that's why the water would be yellowish at times . There's a electrical shop within walking distance to get that water filter . We bought that for like RM 140 .

The most anticipated one ..... the toilet !ï¼”persons share a toilet . HHAHA you know what will happen in the morning !

One important thing you must know , water heater is not provided .  Don't worry you'll soon get used to having cold showers in the morning !

Familiar ?

 The room . YES EVERYTHING WILL BE PINKY <3 .( only for kolej akasia ) . You are provided with just a mattress, pillow , cabinet , a locker (things in pink , excluding the towel of course ) , and curtains ,

The lockers , to store your clothes , and stuffs . Double the size would be good for me anyway.

And the tour ends ....

Please note that , ( for scholars)
1) No air-conditioning available
2) No water heater
3) Fans ( the ones that looks like table fans but attached to the ceiling )
4) Advisable to have your own ceiling fan
5) Cleaning done by your own , but there will be a 'clearance' if you have at least 1 month of break .

No worries , some things can be solved by money . You can always fork up some money and rent a unit to enjoy air conditioning and warm showers . The rent is surprisingly cheap btw .

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Peace out (\/)

Kaylyn Ang

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  1. Hi, I was wondering if you would know any units for rent around the college? Somewhere more comfortable cause I don't think I would be able to survive with cockroaches in there especially haha